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"New Year's Eve, happiness and well-being" gala

Updated: 2019-12-15 9:19:13 View: 4036

    12On the evening of October 10, Shuangxi College of Dawn University and Quanzhou Shuangxi Science and Technology School jointly held a gala with the theme of "New Year's Eve, Happiness and well-being", which coincided with the visit of Myanmar education delegation to the school, witnessing the wonderful performances of domestic and foreign students, and the wonderful artistic performance made the auditorium of nearly 1,000 people in Shuangxi full。

Students from China, Myanmar, Vietnam and abroad will be used as hosts of the evening party

   The whole party centered on the atmosphere of the "Belt and Road Initiative", strongly showing the brilliant achievements and bright prospects of Double happiness in recruiting and training domestic and foreign students。The Chinese and Vietnamese students jointly performed a song and dance "Grain in Ear", which reproduces the busy farming season in Vietnam。

Passionate modern dance "Grain in Ear"

Vietnamese student Nguyen Thi Ying Yun read the Chinese poem "Rain Lane" affectionately

   During the period, Chairman Zhong of Guowen School impromptu sang "Success belongs to you", encouraging students to be not afraid of difficulties, perseverance and success will always belong to you。

Myanmar delegation bell now family interpretation of a "success belongs to you" inspirational song

   Happy, exciting time is always short。The final evening ended with the sign language program "Grateful Heart"。To thank China's "One Belt, One Road" good initiative to bring the Gospel to the students, so that these children growing in poor areas have the opportunity to go to college, but also to thank the parents of the grace, thank all the people who help us grow up。

Sign language "Grateful Heart" brought by Myanmar students

Actors and guest leaders pose for a group photo