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Notice and announcement

Solemn statement on false enrollment in the name of our school

Updated: 2023-6-23 10:02:58 View: 1692

Recently, our school has received calls from the masses to inquire about recruitment"Experimental college entrance examination class" enrollment matters, we know that there are others impersonating the name of our school to carry out illegal enrollment, in order to avoid parents, students deceived, in this regard, our school solemnly declares the following:

一、Our school will strictly follow the enrollment documents and enrollment plans issued by the superior authorities to carry out enrollment work, and resolutely avoid illegal enrollment。Our school has never opened, nor authorized anyone else to openThe "experimental college entrance examination class" has not carried out any recruitment and publicity work related to it。

        2. Any related activities that occur in the name of our schoolThe "experimental college entrance Examination class" enrollment activities are illegal enrollment activities carried out by others in the name of our school, and have nothing to do with our school。Similar ones appear on the market at present:"2023 Enrollment Brochure (Double Happiness Experimental Class)", and indicate the contact information in the enrollment brochure:17704661817(Miss Huang)、13599261288(Miss Liu"And" Personal wechat QR code”[See the attachment: Illegal Enrollment Brochure (fake name of our school)]This kind of enrollment brochure and the telephone number, personnel and wechat code indicated in the brochure are not the staff of our school or the behavior of our school, and the illegal enrollment has nothing to do with our school, and our school reserves the right to pursue the legal responsibility of the relevant personnel。

Third, please students and parents must be vigilant, do not believe the unknown social organizations, individuals arbitrarily issued false propaganda, beware of being cheated。

The following is the official enrollment contact information of our school, welcome parents and students to consult and apply for:

Enrollment telephone: 059587483637



         I hereby declare!  


Attachment: Illegal Enrollment Brochure (fake name of our school)




                     June 22, 2023