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School characteristics


  International cooperation, openness and innovation    Responding to the national long-term strategy and contributing to the "Belt and Road" 
    "Made in Germany" fills the world,Thanks to the "dual system" vocational education has cultivated batches of high-quality professional and technical personnel with craftsman spirit;Quanzhou Shuangxi Science and Technology School based on the actual and innovative learning from the "dual system" model,For "Made in China", we have successfully explored a vocational education path to cultivate Chongde, rigorous and exquisite senior technicians, managers, factory directors, managers and entrepreneurs in the garment industry。
     Since its establishment, our school has focused on promoting educational reform and innovation through international exchanges and cooperation。To serve the development of foreign textile industry enterprises to train high-quality management personnel and have the spirit of craftsman senior technical personnel to lay the foundation。 

  Systematic training of diverse talents    Learn from teachers and strive for excellence
    During the period of study in school, students should worship senior technicians with both virtue and talent and highly skilled old masters as teachers, and hold "worship teachers and learn arts" to establish a new type of mentoring relationship。The use of "one to one", "hand in hand" transmission, help, with the way of learning art, the use of "fine education and strict management" of education, moral tree people, so that students de art double Qing。The improvement of vocational skills and training of professional spirit are highly integrated,Enhance students' sense of social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability,Enable students to acquire exquisite knowledge and skills,To enhance social adaptability and market competitiveness,At present, Quanzhou Economic and Trade College, Quanzhou Guanghua College and other colleges and universities "modern mentoring" project selected our school as the training base,Our school will be combined with Double Happiness Group,Arrange the best teachers to pass on the knowledge to college students。
  Study with a combination of study and diversity    Multiple ways to study, help dreams take off
    Since its establishment, the school has been adhering to the combination of education with enterprise production and social practice,Focus on learning and teaching,We will strengthen the practical and vocational nature of education and teaching,We should promote the application of learning, the use of learning, and the use of learning,After more than ten years of hard work,Adhere to the dual focus of school and enterprise education,Clarify the dual identity of vocational college students and enterprise apprentices。It has formed a perfect and exemplary modern mentorship education model。
    The school and a number of colleges and universities in Quanzhou jointly held "dual system" college education, in order to broaden the way of students to study, our school and a number of institutions of higher learning in Quanzhou closely cooperate to jointly establish a five-year college education, so that students have a broader platform for learning。Our school also distributes tablet computers to students in dual college classes to enhance students' extracurricular learning。

    Teaching education, practice education, research education, management education, service education。

  Integration of production and education with schools and enterprises   Give play to the main advantages of enterprises to highlight the achievements of education reform
    The school was successfully founded by a Sino-foreign joint venture with international competitiveness, and the school has cooperated closely with enterprises to educate students. It has formed a modern vocational education model, which closely combines production base with practical teaching, technical service and product development, employment and entrepreneurship, talent training and industrial chain post needs。
    In the course of more than ten years of "integrating school and enterprise" in running schools, we have formed a team of double-qualified teachers with strong lineup and rich practical experience, and the self-compiled curriculum content is connected with professional standards。
In 2015, the higher education authorities identified the garment major of our school as a characteristic demonstration major。At present, it has the most advanced intelligent education system and teaching equipment, simulation workshop, computer plate making, computer cutting, etc. The content of students' learning is closely related to technological progress, and they are at the forefront of The Times. Students can not only draw and play boards, but also become designers or business executives, factory directors and managers with The Times!

  Employment worry unlimited entrepreneurship  老板梦在双喜形成,创业路从双喜延伸
    100% of the graduates are arranged to work in the headquarters of Shuangxi Group or the Myanmar branch of Shuangxi Group. In May 2015, the Ministry of Commerce and Quanzhou Textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce signed the "Agreement on Jointly Cultivating Outstanding Overseas Management Talents" with our school.。In December 2017, the president of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce visited the school and signed the "talent training trust letter". Our school's outstanding graduates were selected and recommended to be senior managers of foreign industrial parks in the textile and garment industry in Quanzhou, enjoying high salary allowances. High salary employment is not a dream。
    At present, the entrepreneurs among the graduates of Shuangxi School are all over the country, and the society has a good reputation。泉州双喜被誉为“诞生创业者的摇篮”。The majority of students truly feel that "the boss's dream is formed in double happiness, and the entrepreneurial road extends from double happiness!"