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School advantage

Four advantages

 Zero tuition for families no burden
    Schools cultivate talents, enterprisesBear the cost, the state support。School is employment, children study parents worry,There is no burden on the student's family。Students do not need to take money from their families while studying at school, and can also get a start-up reserve of 40,000-80,000 yuan after graduation。
Learn financial survival and development ability
    Double Happiness School is run by enterprises, and the income created by students participating in practical training and internship in enterprises belongs to students. Students do not need to find money from their families after four months of enrollment.
The school gives students food and pocket money every month。The school specially offers "financial education" courses, sets up business reserves, and guides students to use pocket money in a planned way, thereby reducing the burden on families。When students graduate from secondary school, they can also get a start-up reserve, which can help poor students realize their college dreams and dream of going abroad, and can also be used as a start-up fund to become self-employed or entrepreneurs。
  Fulfill the dream of college through undergraduate
    According to the "Fujian Provincial Department of Education fifth department on the implementation of the" dual system "technical skills personnel training model reform pilot notice"
〔2016〕10号,APP官方下载是改革试点学校,与经贸学院、纺织学院、华光学院三大院校联合招收全日制大专生,毕业后可获得由教育部颁发的“大学毕业证书”和专项技能证书。All students enrolled in Double Happiness Technology School directly apply for junior college (student registration at the school, take school examinations)。
    According to the requirements of the document, the School of Economics and Trade and Huaqiao University to carry out a specialized talent training model, studying in the economic and trade college of our school, students can pass through the undergraduate of Huaqiao University and obtain the undergraduate degree certificate and degree certificate after graduation。

Beautiful environment for education Elegant living conditions - the feeling of home
The school is located in the beautiful Luoyang River bank, the transportation is very convenient。Campus environment is beautiful, the campus has an area of 17 acres of garden, garden orchid pavilion, flowers, flowers, fish leap birds fly。The school implements closed management and provides apartment-style services. Each dormitory sleeps 3-4 people, has an independent bathroom, open-air balcony, and each dormitory is equipped with water heater, air conditioning, washing machine and full coverage of wireless network. The accommodation conditions are the best in the province。
    Campus cultural life is rich and colorful, so that the footsteps of youth in double happiness forever!