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Early Childhood Care (closed in 2023)

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Specialty setting
Notice and announcement
Early Childhood Care (closed in 2023)

★ Training objectives
The training conforms to the requirements of socialist modernization, and the all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, the United States and labor is able to engage in kindergarten nurturers, infant family education guidance, early education institutions teachers or management work related to the profession。

★ Main Courses
Dance, Music, Fine arts, Educational Management, General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Modern educational technology, Children's literature, infant family education guidance, teacher professional skills training, etc。

★ Employment direction
Social, cultural and artistic posts such as childminder, family education instructor for infants, kindergartens, nurseries, parent-child kindergartens, early education institutions, women's federations, trade unions, youth palace, and cultural palace。


★ Study direction
Education, such as preschool education, child health development and management。