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Headmaster's style

March in spring, fireflies follow the stars。He, like a young man riding a white horse, slightly thin, with a bit shy, but also with a bit of dragon, with the waves of the Luoyang River, draped in the mother River hundred miles of waves, floating!


正是双喜文化的强大精神动力,We're in tough conditions,With tireless pursuit,To explore a new model of vocational education reform of "combining work with study and integrating school with enterprise",Take one solid step at a time,Realize the sustainable development of the school cause;,Our whole school faculty,With one heart and one mind,Coalesce into a powerful force,With rigorous, pragmatic, persistent, persistent, respect, low-key, humble to win over the community and parents,Has been universally welcomed and respected!

Walk around the campus of Double Happiness Science and Technology School,Always feel the river green flow around the bright tall buildings,High and low flowers and trees reflect a bright smile;Under the shade,Laughter is pleasing to the ear,On the rock path,Concentrate on rejoicing;teacher,Be tireless in teaching,learner,Diligently pursue,doer,Put your head down and work hard!Wander here,You feel it naturally,The smell of books is fragrant,The spring breeze is on my face;You'll still feel it,There is always such a heroic atmosphere in the campus...