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Teaching staff
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Teaching staff

The school has been open since,It can be said that after nearly 20 years of development,Now it covers an area of more than 100 mu,There are 2 campuses (respectively: main campus - Luoyang Town, Taiwan Investment Zone, Quanzhou),Covers an area of about 100 acres,Campus - Quanzhou Taiwan Investment Zone Baiqi Township,Covering an area of about 45 acres), a garden school with a beautiful environment。In the main campus campus has an area of nearly 17 acres of gardens, there are green water, green mountains, pavilions, etc. The school has a 200-meter runway, playground, as well as 3 standardized teaching buildings, 3 advanced student apartments。2 office buildings, 3 training buildings。The buildings of the school have passed the inspection of the relevant departments and have various qualification books。The fire protection of all buildings is in strict accordance with the requirements of the fire department and has passed the acceptance of the fire department。

"The school is not big, the technique is specialized;Learning is not deep, practice for "is the true portrayal of our school.。The quality of students is not directly related to the size of the school, just as France's leading comprehensive institute of technology, even students, teachers and scientific research personnel only 3,000 people, but it can train outstanding engineers every year and become famous in the world。Far from being a problem, being "small" allows them to focus on their respective strengths。What's more, the biggest magic weapon for their fame is not the size of the school, but the importance of knowledge and the practical spirit in teaching。

School hardware

The construction area of the school is about 32442M2, of which the school floor area occupies 6520M2. At present, the average student area of the school floor is 17M2。The main campus of the school has a total of 30 standard classrooms with an average student area of 5 M2, 20 fully equipped multimedia classrooms, a dining hall that can accommodate 500 people at the same time, and a cultural and entertainment venue that can accommodate more than 1200 people at the same time。A standardized dance practice hall, a record of double happiness since the founding of the school history museum,5 highly equipped computer training rooms,It has two high-end and complete clothing teaching information training rooms,A large electronic classroom for teachers,A large-scale electronic reading library and a multimedia lecture hall are being built。The student dormitory is one of the best in Quanzhou City and even Fujian Province。Each student apartment is equipped with air conditioning, water heater, washing machine, separate toilet and open-air balcony。

Teaching staff

There are 57 staff members in our school, including 37 full-time teachers and 6 external teachers (80% of which are double-qualified teachers).。Among the teachers, there are 2 municipal discipline leaders and 12 teaching experts。In terms of professional titles, there are 9 senior titles, 23 intermediate titles and 15 technicians。Among them, the garment teachers have the production and management experience of garment enterprises, and have strong practical training experience and operation ability, which also makes the practical teaching of the garment profession more solid。 Current student population

Our school adopts a diversified mode of education, there are three years of full-time secondary school system, there are 3+2 mode, three years of secondary school + two years of junior college, set up professional clothing design, model class, clothing plate making, business management, clothing technology and other professional, in our school each professional has a unique advantage, strong faculty。

Specialty setting

Clothing design and technology, clothing production and production management, computer applications, e-commerce

Student training equipment

"The integration of school and enterprise, the combination of work and study" is the school-running feature of our school. Since our school was run, our school has paid the most attention to the cultivation of students' practical operation and management ability. Therefore, in order to enable students to better learn a skill, our school has invested heavily in professional equipment, and now has advanced practical training equipment with a total value of about 5 million yuan。Among them, there are clothing training room, e-commerce training room, computer training room, etc., with more than 200 high-speed electric flat cars with full computers。And has the most advanced clothing sewing special high-end equipment, such as full computer eye leveling machine, computer glue press, e-commerce and computer training room equipped with the latest computer equipment for students to practice learning。At present, the average ratio of practical training equipment for students in our school is 1:1.4.

In short, our school follows the spirit of the document "Decision of The State Council on Vigorously developing Vocational Education",Adhere to the "service for the purpose,Employment-oriented "school direction,The teaching model closely revolves around the integration of school and enterprise, the combination of work and work, and the close combination of labor and employment,作为双喜公司的人才培育基地,Responsible for training and selecting middle and senior technicians and management talents needed for the company's development,Training for the garment industry, senior technicians, management personnel, factory directors, managers。Graduates are all placed in the company or assigned to the company's processing plants, as a variety of post administrators, completely different from any existing domestic secondary and higher vocational colleges of education training and graduation placement mode。

今年我校在贯切践行习近平主席《加拿大2.8pc》政策和福建自贸区建设的方针政策下。According to the spirit of "The Belt and Road", Fujian vigorously helps garment and textile enterprises to go abroad and establish production bases in Southeast Asia, India and East Africa。In order to ensure the demand for talents in foreign textile and garment production bases, the Textile and Garment Association signed a talent training agreement with Shuangxi Science and Technology School: Shuangxi School specializes in training outstanding management talents in clothing for foreign textile and garment bases, and sends them to work abroad with high salaries。Students can take advantage of the Group's platform to serve international garment enterprises, and have a broad space for development。