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Enrollment and employment
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Enrollment information

Educational objectives:为Double happiness Group及福建泉州地区培养服装行业的中(高)级技工、管理人才、企业厂长和经理。

Professional setting:Clothing Design and Technology, Clothing production and production Management, computer application, E-commerce, Child care, Pharmacy (Marketing direction)。

Teaching mode:Implementation of the vocational education reform programme of the Ministry of Education。

Enrollment Plan:The enrollment plan and enrollment target shall be submitted for approval by the competent department of education。

Enrollment target:Should be (past) junior and senior high school graduates。

Enrollment Scope:Facing Fujian Province and southwest poverty-stricken areas, ethnic areas。

Curriculum:Courses are set up in strict accordance with the teaching plan formulated by the provincial Department of Education and the needs of enterprises for training management talents。

Certificate issuance:Secondary school graduates shall be awarded the certificate of secondary education and the certificate of intermediate technical level recognized by the Ministry of Education。

Charging standard: Report the charging information to the higher competent authorities and publicize the charging details。

Advantages of studying:Enrollment means employment, school and enterprise integration, careful training, employment is guaranteed。Double Happiness School's pre-school and work-study teaching model can greatly reduce the high cost for parents to raise their children。Poor students studying in our school can enjoy 2000 yuan/year national grant for the first and second academic years。

Graduation placement:They can continue their studies through vocational education college entrance examination, dual system and other forms, and can also be recommended by the school for employment。

Registration needs to know:

1, hold my ID card and two copies, junior high school graduation certificate, no ID card, please bring household registration book, 5 photos;

2、Applicants must be in good health, no color blindness, no bad habits, no criminal record;