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Joint education

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Joint education

 APP官方下载一直秉承着与中西部地区,贫困、农村地区的职业学校进行结对子,共同培养具有社会责任感,懂感恩、懂理财,会一技之长的高素质人才。 In the training of talents, and the practice of the two provinces, two places, two schools in-depth cooperation, the talent training reached a higher platform。At present, our school has in-depth cooperation with vocational colleges in Guizhou, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Sichuan and Chongqing。With the accelerated development of vocational education, more mainland vocational schools will go hand in hand with our school in the future。

To carry out dual teacher training for mainland joint schools

Cooperation with Sichuan Luzhou Jiangnan Vocational School

Cooperation with Yunnan Qiaojia vocational school

Cooperate with Guizhou Zunyi Vocational High School in running schools

Cooperate with Shiheng Anlong Vocational School in running schools

Cooperation with Guizhou Liuzhi Special Zone Vocational School

Jointly run the school with Jiangxi Xingguo Vocational School

Joint education with Cary First School

Conduct joint school running with Yunnan Qiubei Vocational High School